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Benefits of Adventure Based Programs for Team Building

Sometimes when I discuss team building experiences with new clients or someone in a casual conversation they think of trust falls, burlap sack races, or a scavenger hunt. While all of those do have merit, that’s not our approach. Swiftwater Adventures takes an adventure based approach to team building in the Duluth, MN area. We offer adventures in addition to rafting catered to your groups’ physical, cognitive, and creative abilities. Whether your custom experience is more physical, or more on the cognitive side of things, or a healthy mix our goal is always to have fun while we grow as a team.

The goal of this blog is to help us understand the immediate and lasting benefits of adventure based programming, in this case whitewater rafting on the St. Louis River and more! Let’s jump in!

Fun and engaging challenges focused on achieving a common goal is our main theme at Swiftwater for team building trips. Safety is of course our number one priority, as our adventures are all guided, with our lead facilitator involved throughout, yet there is just enough calculated risk to keep everyone engaged. Most of our adventures require some physical element, such as hiking or paddling.  Regardless of the level of physicality our adventures always have a cognitive and creative problem solving element to them

Let’s also accept the fact that you probably work a lot. Work can be hard and exhausting sometimes so if you and your team can have some fun while you challenge your selves then why not?!

Teams are forced to delegate responsibilities, cooperate and contribute in adventure based programming. A successful team assigns clear and defined goals and roles for the team. Through balanced participation and cooperation team members can successfully take on any challenge. Our challenges (whitewater rafting on the St. Louis River is just one of them) are designed in such a way that without designated roles and cooperation success is elusive: participants must work together.

Utilizing creative problem solving in an adventure setting helps your team value its diversity of people and ideas, foster more innovative thinking while under pressure, and helps participants find success outside of their comfort zone.

Build relationships, trust and respect and open communication through fun adventures by working towards a clear and common goal. This can be especially true if your team has several new members. Regardless of whether your team has several new members or you have all known each other for years, being immersed in a new environment and facing new problems will require open communication and cooperation to succeed. All of which fosters trust and respect, which must be earned.

Forge a team while creating a memorable experience through fun and challenging adventures. Not only can we supply your company with a fun adventure but new experiences tend to create lasting memories and something that your team can look back and reflect on.

Adventure based programming is a fun way to grow as a team and make memories!

Swiftwater Adventures can offer more exciting and engaging team building adventures to pair up with whitewater rafting through our sister company Evolve Endeavors.

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7 Reasons to Snowshoe this Winter

At Swiftwater, we love skiing and biking but sometimes we like to slow things down and winter walk: A.K.A. snowshoe. Snowshoeing is a great activity that allows you to enjoy the winter scenery and relax while you get some exercise. Not convinced that snowshoeing is worth your time? Well, if you live or visit Duluth, Minnesota try one our Saturday morning snowshoe tours. Here are 7 reasons to give it a try.

Easy Learning Curve

If you can walk, you can snowshoe. Just try to keep your tips up as you step forward and you are good. The ease of snowshoeing makes it a great family activity.

Great Exercise

Burn off that holiday weight. Snowshoeing can burn between 300 to 600 calories an hour!

Low Impact on Your Body and the Environment

Akin to walking, snowshoeing is a low impact activity. You are walking on snow and the movements involved avoid hard shocks to your tendons and ligaments.

Snowshoeing is also low impact on the environment since snow buffers the impact on trails, lessening trail erosion. Plus, who needs gas, calories are your fuel.

Fantastic Way to Observe nature

Snowshoeing is great for observing nature and appreciating the scenery. Snowshoeing is a silent sport increasing your chances of seeing wildlife. Also by moving slowly you will be able to see and study winter wildlife tracks.

Our Saturday morning snowshoe tours take place in or near beautiful Jay Cooke St. Park. This 8,800 acre park is home to a diverse array boreal wildlife and incredible views along the St. Louis River.

Relatively inexpensive

Compared to downhill skiing equipment and season passes, snowshoeing is a drop in the bucket. You can rent a pair for a fraction of the cost of a lift ticket. If you buy a pair that’s likely the last associated cost you will have. Try snowshoeing with Swiftwater Adventures to see if it’s your thing.


Snowshoeing doesn’t have to be a slow walk in the snow. With the right kind of shoes, usually those with metal cleats, you can ascend a steep slope. And if the snow is deep enough, throw yourself all sorts of features. Just probe the landing zone first.


Snowshoeing is fun! It’s fun to go out alone, it’s fun with a friend or as a date activity, and it’s fun to go with a group or as a family outing.

If you would like to give snowshoeing a try we offer snowshoe tours which include the cost of rental in the trip. Just 15 minutes south of Duluth, MN.

Saturday Morning Snowshoe Adventures

Having been a cross country and alpine skier, as well as a fat tire biker too, I like to move fast across the frozen landscape. That being said, I enjoy slowing down from time to time to really digest the beauty of the winter woods, something snowshoes are perfect for. This is what our Saturday morning snowshoe tours are all about.

Discover the winter wonder and beauty of Jay Cooke St. Park and the St. Louis River.  Our 2 hour guided snowshoe tours will explore the high ridgelines, towering pines and other hidden gems along the St. Louis River. We are only 15 minutes from Duluth but will feel hours away from the city.

At Swiftwater Adventures, we cater the trip to your group’s ability and current snow and trail conditions to offer you the safest and most fun trip possible. Our guides are trained adventure naturalists, meaning they have the skills and experience to keep you safe and to offer you a first class nature experience.

Our Snowshoe tours are offered January into March

Price $40/person. Includes:

  • Snowshoes
  • Instruction
  • Snacks and Warm Beverage
  • Guided nature tour with experienced guide
  • Day pass to Jay Cooke St. Park

Meet at: Swiftwater Adventures 121 Vermilion St. in Carlton, MN. Just 15 minutes south of Duluth, MN. From here we will head to nearby Jay Cooke St. Park and let the snowshoe adventure begin.

Sign up today for you snowshoe adventure!