Environmental and Adventure Education: Eco-adventure Trips

Our mission is to provide outdoor recreation, adventure, and environmental education to nature lovers, colleges, secondary schools, youth groups, and citizen science organizations with a focus on environmental learning, as well as to promote and reward citizen science.


  • Promote outdoor recreation, adventure and environmental education through exploration and adventures in the local environment
  • Help to foster environmental stewardship and environmental awareness
  • Serve as an entertaining vehicle for environmental education, as well as discuss natural and cultural history
  • Promote active lifestyle
  • Promote and reward citizen science (organizations such as: Minnesota Master Naturalist, MPCA, and St. Louis River-River Watch) with discounted trip prices.


To accomplish our objectives we employ a mix of interpretive and interactive/experiential learning while: hiking, wildlife tracking, group biological surveys (such as frog call surveys and water quality surveys), canoeing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, orienteering, whitewater rafting, and more.

Outings will be catered to the dynamics and needs of each group. Specially discounted rates are offered to colleges, secondary schools, youth groups, and citizen science organizations.

Contact Cliff for specific rates at: [email protected]

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