Inflatable Kayak Whitewater Adventure

This whitewater and wilderness kayak tour is for the adventurous paddler! This inflatable kayak experience is customized to you and your paddling partner. Depending on water levels and your objectives we run either the Upper or Lower St. Louis River on inflatable whitewater kayaks letting you control your craft! Paddle through rapids, surf waves, side hikes and incredible scenery!

This 2 ½ to 3 hour trip requires participants to be able to paddle for a couple of hours, carry a kayak, hike across rugged terrain and more! With a professional kayak guide leading you, this trip provides one on one instruction and guidance. Learn about the natural history of the area as you immerse yourself in this whitewater and nature adventure!

$100/person. Includes professional guide service, all necessary equipment and shuttle service to and from the river. Bring snacks and a water bottle.