Cliff Langley

Cliff Langley

Founder & Trip Leader

Swiftwater Adventures was founded by Cliff Langley, a self-termed ‘adventure naturalist.’ Cliff admits that this may be a new title, but it suits his lifestyle and goals. He has been a guide and naturalist for over 14 years, and is certified in First Aid/CPR, Wilderness First Responder through NOLS, and Swift Water Rescue through ACA.

Cliff has guided whitewater rafting and kayaks tripscanoe trips, high ropes and zip-line courses, mountain biking, snowshoe and cross-country skiing outings, and interpretive hikes. His adventures have taken him from the shores and rivers of the Lake Superior region to the Rocky Mountains, to the wildernesses of Alaska and northern Canada, and to the jungles and beaches of Central America. His antics have even been mentioned in Outside Magazine’s 2007 Best Outdoor Towns article.

In addition to being an adventure naturalist, Cliff has written many articles that have appeared in magazines such as Superior Outdoors and Northern Wilds, and many of his short adventure films have appeared in film festivals and on regional PBS stations.

Education: Cliff has an Associate of Science in Environmental Science, a Bachelor’s of Arts in Environmental Studies, and recently finished his Masters of Education in Natural Science and Environmental Education from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. The focus of his Master’s Thesis was: Exploring the Effectiveness of an Eco-adventure as an Environmental Education Tool.